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Schylling Lava Lamp Erupting Crater

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The Erupting Crater Lava Lamps provides a vibrant and magnificent sight that makes you feel as if you were looking into an active volcano.

  • Illuminate your mood as the wax blobs split, collide, and ooze their way up and down the trademark-shaped globe for a calming, groovy, flow state of mind. Lava lamp produces a soft warm light and mesmerizing visuals of ever changing, moving wax, gently rising up. . . Show More >

  • For over forty years, Schylling has specialized in timeless toys. They started out making delightful playthings from a bygone era. Over time, they’ve built a distinctive collection of innovative gifts and traditional toys with nostalgic appeal for all ages. Schylling works to create the future in toys by captivating new designs and intriguing refreshes and innovations of toys from the past.