Mindful Kids Cards



Help your children be kind, focused, and calm with this one-of-a-kind Mindful Kids activity deck card, perfect for kids 4 to 104! Turn every activity in the day into a mindful one for the whole family with beautifully illustrated cards complete with easy-to-follow steps to help everyone nurture their inner peace, strength, and happiness.

  • With adults suffering from more stress today than ever before, it is so important that we teach our kids from a young age to be more mindful and caring. Adopting the right habits from the start can help them deal with stresses at school and, later on, can help them through the difficult time that is puberty. Mindful Kids deck makes this so easy and can help children aged 4 and up to learn life lessons by completing the daily tasks outlined on the cards. They are designed to suit every part of the day from when they wake up to when they go to bed.

    The Mindful Kids by Whitney Stewart deck comes with 50 cards that feature beautiful illustrations by the talented Mina Braun and little daily lessons to help teach your children how to nurture their inner peace and strength. Each deck also comes with an 8-page booklet for parents to help you nurture your child’s individual talents and needs, making it the perfect choice for kids of all ages.

    Features and Benefits:

    • Color-coded categories to “start your day”, “find calm”, “focus”, and more
    • Start the day strong
    • Calm your students
    • Help your child overcome fears
    • Great before bed
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