Mini Pencils in a Pouch


Give your budding artist a set of mini pouch color pencils. Each pouch offers a full range of colors, making it the perfect go-to artist set for kids and teens alike. Armed with paper and a regular sharpener, your little artist can have fun drawing no matter where you are, at home, or even on the go!

Make office supplies and school supplies fun with the vibrancy and color of the mini pouch color pencils. The little fun colored pencil case stays organized in your bag or in your purse.

Each type of pencil is 1.75” in length and can be sharpened with a regular sharpener, so you can have color on the go without anything holding you back. Take out a drawing pencil, then color in with a mini color from your pouch. This can be done at a desk, or on the go. Kids will love being able to draw and doodle wherever they go with their own set of colored pencils that can fit right into their pocket.


  • WARNING: Small parts – Not for children under 3.

  • This item was one of our first 350 items on our new site. We believe it is one of the top toys for kids this year! Each of these items has been carefully selected to ensure it is creative, innovative and long lasting.