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Music and Monkeys Railway

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This railway set offers delights at every turn!

  • A beautiful melody plays as you drive the jungle train over the Xylophone Melody Track. Then cheeky monkeys pop up as you pass their trees!

    1. Start by building the track configuration shown on the box.
    2. As you drive the jungle train over each of the bars of the Xylophone Melody Track, a note rings out, making a beautiful melody.
    3. Watch the cheeky monkeys pop up to say hello as you drive past their trees.

  • Hape Toys' Mission is Love Play Learn - 
    "Dear to [their] heart, [they] believe: 
    Love is the mutual love between child and parent, 
    Play is the experience of success or failure, 
    Learn is the natural outcome from love and play."

    We couldn't agree more!