Teacher Created Resources Pete the Cat Alphabet Balloons Sensory Path

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Sensory paths give students an outlet to channel some of their excess energy by directing them down a set route (or path).

  • These sensory paths give students the opportunity to spin, tiptoe, leap, crawl, hop, squat, stretch, or dance their way from one point to another. A sensory path can be short or it can stretch the length of a hallway, but either way the objectives should be the same—to improve focus, prevent disruptive behaviors, develop motor skills, and encourage smiles!

    Whether a student needs to calm down or energize, refocus during a transition, or self soothe after a stressful challenge, sensory paths are a fun and engaging way for children to take a brain break and work through some of their wiggles.

    The smooth, durable surface of each piece is easy to wipe down or spray with disinfectant to help prevent the spread of germs. The pieces attach firmly to smooth, untextured floors.

    • 46 pieces total
    • Pete the Cat measures around 9" by 16".
    • Wavy Path mesures around 31" by 11".

  • Teacher Created Resources is an educational publishing company founded by Mary Dupuy Smith, a classroom teacher. All of their products are "created by teachers for teachers and parents."