Planet Omar: Accidental Trouble Magnet Tonies Character



Welcome to the imaginative brain of Omar! Omar and his family have just moved, and he is not excited about starting at a new school.

  • When Omar makes a new best friend, things start looking up. That is, until a Big Mean Bully named Daniel makes every day a nightmare! Luckily, Omar’s enormous imagination and goofy family help him get through life’s ups and downs.

    This Tonie teaches kids about different cultures and religions, being true to yourself, and positivity.

    • Ages 5+.
    • Includes: 1 story book.
    • Total Run Time: 109 minutes.
    • Narrated by Waleed Akhtar.
    • WARNING! Choking hazard. Small parts.

  • The Toniebox uses audio storytelling to introduce pre-readers and developing readers to the wonders of narrative long before children can read the words in a book. When children combine Tonies with play, they unlock the real wonder of storytelling - a mix of fascination, surprise, curiosity and a craving for exploration all stirred together. Through this, they discover powers within to create and transport themselves to worlds and wonders all on their own.