Play to Learn Kit - 6th Grade Summer Bridge


Our Play to Learn Kits help create a link between the essential skills children are learning during "learning time" and cement those skills during "playing time".

Orders for individual kits will ship mid-May.

Our 6th grade kits are being updated this year to include even better games!  The product images will be available soon.

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  • Each kit includes:

    • Word Game - Each game is carefully curated to support the appropriate grade level skills for reading
    • Number game - Kids learn best when they are playing!  The game in each kit was selected to help children practice the math skills for their grade level
    • Classic Card Games - These games will help build your child's "math identity", and encourage them to see themselves as "good at math"! We include directions for a number of great card games. Encourage your child to be the scorekeeper and master even more math skills.
    • Conversation Starters - These bilingual cards can be used as conversation starters or story starters.
    • Workbook  - Summer Bridge

    *If we need to substitute an item, we promise you will love it.

    Detailed descriptions of each game can be found here.

  • We love these kits because our kids keep wanting to play and play!