Fat Brain Colorful Simpl Dimpl Keychain - Sensory Fidget Toys



Accessorize your bag, keys, pencil case and so much more with the Colorful Simpl Dimpl Keychain. Textured on one side, smooth on the other, the Simpl Dimpl is a sensory delight for children and adults.

  • Perfect for kids and adults alike, the unique key chain has silicone fidget buttons that look cool and are so much fun to play with. Great for stress relief and for helping concentration, this cheap fidget can be worn almost everywhere! Keep it in your pocket or purse, or attach it to your keys, the Simpl Dimpl is a simply great way to add sensory relaxation to your life every day.

    • Ages 3+.
    • Comes in 3 different color combinations.

    • Not just any toy can be a “Fat Brain Toy” and they like it that way. Fat Brain doesn’t sell the licensed, violent, disposable toys being sold at most major retailers. What you will find instead is a curated collection of quality, open-ended toys, games, and gifts that both entertain AND educate.