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Submarine Spray Station



Water magically streams through the diver shower head specially designed for easy grip and activation by small hands. Run the water flow into the floating whale to create a cool spraying action!

  • Direct the water flow at the whale to see him float and swim like a real whale. Fill the whale and now he's a water pouring funnel!

    A battery operated submarine with a water circulation pumping system that draws water from the tub and recycles a safe stream of water without wasting water from the tap.

  • Features and Benefits:

    • Encourages independent play and exploration.
    • Grasping the shower head and filling the whale encourages development of fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.
    • Spraying action stimulates baby’s senses of sight & touch.
    • Teaches children cause & effect processes and concepts such as full/empty, float/sink etc.
    • Closed water circulation system saves water and promotes safety by maintaining water level and temperature.