Wandini by Fun in Motion - Magic Wand

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Create a magical illusion with WANDINI - an awe-inspiring, levitating LED wand!

  • Whirl, swirl, and twirl - anyone can perform dazzling and mesmerizing light shows at night with Wandini. Simply loop Wandini around your middle finger to create an illusion of bright lights floating luminously in the air with your hands. Everyone will wonder, is that magic?

    • Changes colors - 8 light modes
    • Invisible string & leather strap with middle finger loop
    • USB rechargeable - no batteries needed
    • Collapsible for quick assembly/disassembly
    • Precisely weighted for vertical balance
    • Portable & travel friendly
    • Assembles to 24” length
    • Ages 8+

  • Fun in Motion Toys is the creator of Spinballs, Mozi, Glozi, Shashibo, Wandini, and Karmagami. Their toys make you move and groove! If you're like them, you don't like to sit still. Fun in Motion Toys is constantly looking for something to fidget with, or a new activity to learn, which is why they created their range of fun in motion products. They believe in creating mesmerizing toys that provide movement and activities that stimulate the mind and body for hours of fun - day and night.