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16 of the Best Fidgets to Keep Hands Occupied in 2022; www.beyondtheblackboard.com

16 of the Best Fidgets to Keep Hands Occupied in 2022

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell

June 06, 2022 4 min read

Boost attention span and concentration skills with the best fidget toy packs! Originally, fidget toys were created as sensory tools to help children keep calm and stay focused. And while they're still amazing toys for helping kids work through feelings of impatience, nervousness, and stress, fidgets have also evolved into a lasting toy trend we don't think anyone could have predicted! 

Our team has put together a list of sensory fidget toys that your kiddo will love in 2022. Keep scrolling and pick out the perfect sensory toys for your child!

Fun in Motion Grateful Dead Shashibo Shashibo - Grateful Dead Series

A magnetic cube that can be folded, manipulated, and stacked to boost creativity in kids ages 8 and up. Be prepared for all the, "Look at this shape I made!" comments every time they figure out one of its 70+ possible shapes. (And be prepared to want one or two of these shape shifting boxes for yourself. Shashibo are definitely among the coolest magnet toys.)

variety metal ball spinner fidget toy sale Metal Ball Spinner Fidget Toy

As your kiddo spins, presses, and rolls this high-quality sensory fidget toy, they'll also hone problem-solving skills. And, of course, keep their hands busy. This toy is a lot of fun for older children ages 13 and up who enjoy clickety clackity fidgets. As play experts, we recommend it for teens who struggle to stay on task for any length of time. Think of adding our Metal Ball Spinner Fidget Toy to a going-away-to-college gift basket!

Snow Ball Crunch in box Snow Ball Crunch

A winter themed fidget toy that's both squishy and crunchy, Snow Ball Crunch is small enough to be enjoyed by kids ages 3 and up, and satisfying enough that you might find yourself giving it a CRUNCH when you pick it up. With a soft, almost powdery exterior, our crunchiest stress ball is PERFECT to stash away as a stocking stuffer, or small gift for Hanukkah or Kwanzaa.

ferris pop wheel flipping 3D Flipping Ferris Pop Wheel

A colorful variety of pop fidget flippers to meet all your kiddo's popping and flipping needs in one toy. If your child struggles to focus in class, these are the durable fidgets for them! (Be sure to check with teachers before sending any fidget toys to school.)

Imagine Tangles Imagine Tangles

Twist it, turn it, wear it as a bracelet! We love Tangles for keeping a kiddo's mind at ease while traveling. (Plus, they can be worn like a cute bracelet.) If your child needs to fidget at school, they can fidget with Tangles without disrupting other students. We know lots of teachers who love and highly recommend Tangles, but again - please ask your teachers before sending your student to school with any sensory toys!

Pop It Air Ball UFO Fidget 4 varieties Pop It Air Ball UFO Fidget

Fidget balls are designed with the bubbles you already know. Pop the bubbles, and even play games with these out of this world fidget balls!

boink fidget mesh marble Boink Fidget

These mesh fidget toys feature a hidden marble in the sleeve, to be pushed back and forth. Plus, they come in a variety of colors! Teachers who allow fidget toys in their classroom love Boink Fidgets as they give children a quiet, non-distracting way to fidget. 

orange-yellow slush ball; sky blue slush ball stress balls Slush Ball

A set of two unique stress balls, filled with tiny microbeads, slush balls have a feeling unlike any other stress balls! Our young toy reviewers like to play with these at the movie theater or when they're experiencing something new. Slush Balls are also an ideal size for smaller hands to squeeze!

Top Trenz OMG Pop Fidgety Glitter Square OMG Pop Fidgety Glitter Square

Push popper fidget toys so glittery, they'll be showing them off to all their friends (who will, of course, ask their parents for one, too). So cool! These glittery fidgets are a nice size for travel, and sturdy. Pop fidget squares are wonderful for children working through big feelings, but they're also just plain fun to play with. We know many teachers who use this pop it in their classroom calm down corner

Fingears Blue Orange Games Fingears

Our bestselling magnetic fidget ring packs are an awesome de-stressing tool for older children and grown-ups. You're definitely going to want your own set! We've also heard from special education teachers that Fingears are excellent for spatial relation work and activities.

Dimple Metal Ball Fidget Spinners in black, orange, pink, blue Dimple Metal Ball Fidget Spinner

With a tire, a gyroscope, pop its, and steel balls, it's no wonder so many of our BtB fam think it's a 5-star fidget! If your kiddo struggles with anxiety or mild ADHD, our Dimple Metal Ball Fidget Spinner is an excellent, calming add-on to a birthday gift. We know they'll love it!

Pea Pod Fidget Toy Pea Pod Fidget Toy

This durable, keychain fidget is small enough for anyone to fiddle with without causing a distraction. If allowed by their teacher, your student can use this adorable fidget quietly and out of sight, so no one except them is aware that they're fidgeting.

OMG Pop Fidgety Cloud with Rainbow OMG Pop Fidgety Cloud with Rainbow

Keep hands occupied for hours (and hours and hours). No worries! While we still may not fully understand the pop it fidget craze, we do know that kids beg for them and that they make a great reward for doing those extra chores. Kids love them and that's what matters!

Colorful Crawlies Colorful Crawlies

Our highly rated Colorful Crawlies are capable of stretching up to 33 inches without losing their original shape. Not only do preschoolers go nuts for them, but older children do, too! We often hear kiddos of all ages carry one or two of these everywhere they go. Colorful Crawlies are fabulous for working out that bonus energy while giving safe sensory input. We seriously love Colorful Crawlies

sensory discs Set of 5 Sensory Discs

This 5-pack of sensory discs boast oddly satisfying textures to touch, squeeze, and explore to their young heart's content. Sensory discs are perfect for early learners or those with special needs ages 3 and up!

Teacher Created Resources Fidget Box Fidget Box

Our fidget box is perfect if you can't decide on just one fidget toy! This box comes with spiky rings, stretchy noodles, textured balls, a cube snake, a marble mesh toy, a finger stretcher, and so much more. 

You can thank us later, when you win the best parent/teacher/grown-up award!

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