The Best Toys for Creating a Calming Corner at Home or in the Classroom

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell
May 05, 2022 3 min read

Whether in your home or in the classroom, putting together a calming corner is simple! We've seen a lot of educators and parents coming into the store, looking for some tools for those big-feelings days their kids need a little encouragement.

So, what is a calming corner?

A calming corner is a useful space for when your child needs some extra emotional support. The purpose is in the name! A calming corner is a quiet, secure space for your child to use when their emotions are overwhelming them.

Especially in our post-pandemic world, calming corners have garnered quite a bit of attention as a great strategy for teaching self-regulation.

Even as grown-ups, when it comes to calming down, we know the importance of a safe space, and time. A calming corner expands on the idea of "time in", which became popular over the past decade. It's important to remember that the calming corner shouldn't be used as a punishment! Instead, it's an open invitation to slow down the processing of those big feelings, or even to start over.

Needless to say, you're going to want a nice variety of sensory fidget toys for your calming corner. You can try different toys, or even rotate the sensory toys in your calming corner to see what is most useful for your child(ren).

If you're ready to set up your calming corner, keep reading for a list of toys to support your kids and help them calm down safely and mindfully.

Jellyfish Mood Lamp Jellyfish Lamp, or Jellyfish Mood Light

These sensory lamps are some of the best calming corner lights. With colorful light patterns, jellyfish lights are a great tool for visual tracking. Jellyfish lamps can calm and engage children as the gentle movement of the jellyfish soothes the eyes. We have two different sizes available, so you can have one that fits perfectly in your space, or within your budget.

ecologicals flower brain teaser puzzle Small, Age-Appropriate Brainteasers

Brainteasers for kids are one of the best ways to get their brain back on track and working at its best. Brainteasers and logic puzzles for kids encourage children to think in creative and different ways (outside the box!) to solve what they're working. And, because we're all about real talk here at Beyond the Blackboard - brainteasers give kids a break from learning or the situation at hand. Sometimes you just need a break, you know? You can explore different kinds of brainteasers in our Brainteasers collection!

ooly sketchbook Colorful Markers, and Doodle Pads

Colorful drawing and coloring materials, as well as doodle pads or sketchbooks, and other art supplies for kids, are a great addition to your calming corner ... especially for kids who are drawn to art as a way of processing their feelings.

Tonies headphones light blue Headphones

Like grown-ups, many kids find music helpful when they're processing their feelings and emotions. If you're in a classroom setting, headphones will be important so the music doesn't distract your other students. 

Speks Blots Speks Blots

A squishy fidget toy is simple and so helpful. Kids can squeeze the Speks Blot (which fits perfectly in any hand) for calming purposes and for lots of proprioceptive input (now there's a big word!). 

Warmies zebra Warmies Heatable Stuffed Animals

Warmies plush are nicely weighted to provide gentle compression to soothe anxiety. Warmies are easy to heat in a microwave and will hold their heat for up to an hour! Team BtB often talks about how we pretty much all have Warmies in our homes (whether we have children or not). If you're stocking your classroom calming corner, be sure to surface wash your Warmies regularly with a damp, antibacterial cloth.

free coloring pages animal Coloring Pages / Coloring Books

Use coloring pages or coloring books in your calming corner to help your child(ren) feel - well - calmer! Coloring also stimulates creativity and increases spatial awareness. 

Your calming corner awaits. Feel free to ask one of our friendly and knowledgeable Team BtB associates to help you create the perfect calming corner! 

Creating a Calming Corner at Home or in the Classroom; Beyond the Blackboard

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