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The Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids 2023; www.beyondtheblackboard.com

The Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids - 2023

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell

January 30, 2023 3 min read

From Candy Conversation Heart Plush to our bestselling Chime Hearts, these cute gift ideas are wonderful for kids of all ages.

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Valentine's Day is just about 2 weeks away, and even if you don't love the holiday, everyone loves feeling special. Children, especially, love Love Day. After all, Valentine's Day is a day chock full of candy, cards, and loot goodies from friends, loved ones, and even teachers. If you have a special kid in your life, or if your kiddo wants to cart a few fun items for their buddies, then Beyond the Blackboard is here for you.

Candy Conversation Hearts by Squishable Candy Conversation Hearts by Squishable

It doesn't get much sweeter than these love-filled plush by Squishable. With a base of beans on the inside, these candy conversation hearts make the world a cuter, cuddlier place. 


Shining Sweetheart and Loveable Stuff Creatto Shining Sweetheart & Loveable Stuff Creatto

Give them an incredible little gift this Valentine's Day, like this origami-style pink craft kit that can create a picture frame, big heart, butterfly, or flower. It's a surefire way to add a bit of excitement to their Love Day. Plus, it can be displayed in their room or play space all year round. Snag a kit for the pink lover in your life.


Chime Hearts Personal Chime Hearts

For the most part, kids love small gifts, and these lovely, hand-painted chime hearts are as sweet as can be. They'll be sure to provide comfort and loving affirmation for years to come.


Sloth Hug Warmies Set; The Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids 2023 Sloth Hug Warmies Set

If you've got a Warmies fiend on your hands, then this adorable duo will be a big hit. These cuties sit in a soft embrace, with long arms wrapped around each other, symbolizing eternal love. It's a wonderful gift any time of year, but especially apropos on Valentine's Day.


Cupids Fluff MicroDough Dope Slime; The Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids 2023 Cupids Fluff MicroDough Dope Slime

This ultra-fluffy slime, filled with micro beads, is satisfyingly therapeutic. Dope slime is a wonderful gift for the child in your life, or for kiddos who want to give their bestie a trendy token of their love. Cupids Fluff not your jam? We have an excellent selection of Dope Slimes! (Visit us in-store for the very best selection!)


Wonder Stix; The Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids 2023 A Set of Wonder Stix

Is there anything cooler than writing love notes on mirrors? These lovely multi-surface writers are a great gift for siblings, students, or wrap them individually for children to hand out to their classroom friends.



Thames and Kosmos Gross Anatomy Make Your Own Squishy Human Body Science Kit; The Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids 2023 Thames & Kosmos Gross Anatomy: Make-Your-Own Squishy Human Body Science

If you have a science-loving and anatomy-obsessed kiddo on your hands, then this make-your-own squishy human body science kit will make their day. Mix up colorful slime mixtures and pour them into the included molds to make the body's major organs (including the heart, of course). How sweet is that?


How to Send a Hug; The Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids 2023 A Book About How to Send a Hug

Book-loving children will be thrilled to receive a new picture book (and maybe gift one to their classroom library, as well). Both timely and timeless, How to Send a Hug is a book about sending love to dear ones who can't be near. In this book, your kid will learn how to turn words into love.


Shop the best Valentine's Day gifts for kids in 2023. Shop the list now. www.beyondtheblackboard.com

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