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New Classroom Themes - featuring Teacher Created Resources

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell

July 27, 2023 3 min read

Are you an elementary school teacher looking to create an enchanting and engaging learning environment for your students? If so, Beyond the Blackboard is here to help you transform your classroom into a welcoming space, full of learning and fun!

Introducing all-new classroom decorative themes from Teacher Created Resources—a treasure trove of imaginative and educational designs that will invigorate your teaching space like never before. As our founders are also educators, the Beyond the Blackboard team understands the profound impact that a well-decorated classroom can have on students' learning experiences. Classroom decor is about more than just aesthetics; it's about fostering an atmosphere that sparks curiosity, promotes creativity, and inspires a love for learning.

With TCR's new themes, you can effortlessly infuse your classroom with captivating visuals and meaningful affirmations that align perfectly with your teaching style. Whether you want to transport your students to an adventure in the mountains, or dive into the bright, popular trends of the 90s, our collection of classroom decorative themes offers something special for every vibe.

Unlock the potential of your teaching environment and witness the magic that unfolds as your students become fully immersed in their learning journey. Watch your classroom transform into an inspiring hub of knowledge and exploration!

Brights 4Ever classroom decorations by TCR Brights 4Ever Classroom

Lean into 90s-fueled nostalgia with Teacher Created Resources' Brights 4Ever collection! Bring a burst of bold, vibrant energy into your classroom. This collection is all about embracing the 1990s spirit, infusing your teaching space with an atmosphere of fun, excitement, and creativity.

Eye-catching block fonts command attention and exude confidence, all while adding a touch of playfulness to your walls. The vivid color palette, with pops of familiar shapes, radiates totally radical vibes.

So, are you ready to take your teaching space on a roller-coaster ride back to the 90s? It's time to relive the raddest decade and create an engaging and fun learning environment that your students will like totally love!

Shop the Brights 4Ever Classroom

Moving Mountains classroom decorations by TCR Moving Mountains Classroom

Embark on a tranquil journey through the wonders of nature with TCR's Moving Mountains collection. Immerse your students in a serene and inviting learning environment that brings the beauty of nature indoors.

Inspired by the majesty of nature and the thrill of adventure, this collection boasts an earthy color palette that will instantly evoke a sense of calm and wonder. Rich, soothing hues of forest greens, warm sunset oranges, and peaceful sky blues will create a harmonious backdrop for your classroom.

Each element of the Moving Mountains classroom decorations collection has been thoughtfully designed to transport your students to the great outdoors. With scenes of majestic mountains and whispering trees, they'll feel as though they're exploring the wilderness and embracing the serenity of nature right from their desks. Crafted from premium materials, these decorations are built to withstand the rigors of a busy classroom.

Elevate your classroom into a sanctuary of learning, where adventure and the great outdoors come to life. Let the earthy color palette and nature-inspired designs create a space that fosters curiosity, creativity, and a profound appreciation for the beauty of our planet. Choose the Moving Mountains collection and set your students on a path of exploration and discovery, right within the comforts of your classroom.

Shop the Moving Mountains Classroom

Teacher Created Resources continues to prove their dedication to creating captivating learning environments with their new classroom decoration collections, Brights 4Ever and Moving Mountains. Whether you seek a vibrant burst of colors or a calming touch of nature-inspired designs, embrace the power of these delightful collections and transform your classroom into an engaging hub for your students. Shop the Brights 4Ever and Moving Mountains collections today!

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