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Best Family Friendly Games Christmas

Our Best Family Friendly Games for Christmas - Best New Games for Families

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell

December 01, 2022 4 min read

Tenzi is our best overall selection.

Our play and education experts research, play, and review each and every game we stock, so we can recommend the most amazing games to you. If you buy something through our site, you are supporting a family business, local high school students, parents and grandparents. Thanks for shopping small.

Fruit Punch Outfoxed Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza Woodland Memory

Are you looking for indoor Winter Break activities that don't require screens? Do you want to spend quality time with your children? It's always an excellent idea to have high-quality games in your home.

Our play experts played and researched the top games of 2022. We took several criteria into consideration, including types of games, age range, length of play, and number of players. Our favorite, Tenzi, is simple to learn, portable, and exciting to play with only a couple of players or a big crowd!

Here are all of our picks for the best family games for all ages, in 2022, in no particular order.

The Magical World of Disney Trivia Game, for the biggest fans you know. We love how this game includes special cards for kids, so young ones as little as 6 years old can join in on the fun. Whether you're a Disney superfan or a casual viewer, you'll love this game! Maybe you'll even be named the game's Ultimate Disney Trivia Master.

The Magical World of Disney Trivia Game

Grizzly Gears Puzzle Game, for the single player (or to take turns challenging each other). Grizzly Gears is a new sliding puzzle, with a twist! A rotating forest which you must guide your characters through, until you've completed one of the 80 challenges from the accompanying booklet. With challenges ranging from starter to master, Grizzly Gears is fun solo play for all ages and abilities.

Kaitlyn, from Southlands Beyond the Blackboard, holding Grizzly Gears puzzle game

Tenzi, for a fun and addictive dice game everyone will love. When someone yells "Go!", the "Tenzi Frenzy" begins! Everyone rolls the dice fast and furious, until 1 player gets every die on the same number. It's fantastically fast fun for 2-4 players. Choose a party pack for up to 6 players, or cart as many Tenzi games as you'd like, for unlimited fun! Add on the 77 Ways to Play Tenzi card deck for even more ways to play. (Did someone say, "Roll while wearing mittens?")

Tenzi party pack

Share and Sparkle Unicorns, to encourage teamwork. It’s a flurry of excitement as the unicorns prepare for their trip to the castle, but oh no … a sneaky troll is trying to take their gems! Race to fill the unicorns’ crowns with sparkly gems before the troll sneaks away with the jewels. Learn color matching, strategy, teamwork and more in this delightful family game.

Share and Sparkle Unicorns cooperative game

Story Time Chess, for anyone who wants to teach chess to a little. Kids as young as 3 can learn chess intuitively through characters, stories, and activities.

Story Time Chess

Mind the Gap, for everyone from your 10 year-old to Grandpa. Mind the Gap is a pop culture trivia game of questions that are fun to answer. Challenge cards add to the fun, asking you to act out, dance, or even hum important moments from different generations. Up to 4 teams of multiple players can play, so Mind the Gap is an amazing game for when the family gets together!

Mind the Gap trivia game flat lay with candy

Where's Squeaky, for a twist on the classic game of hide and seek. This adorable little mouse makes sounds when someone hides her, low (at first), then louder and louder until a player finds her. This unique game develops fine motor coordination, teaches young children about following directions, listening carefully, and strengthens social skills. It's easy to understand and play!

Where's Squeaky hide and seek game

Super Mario Blow Up! Shaky Tower Game, for multiplayer fun for ages 4 and up. Roll the die to determine how many figures each player must take on or off the tower. Careful! Don't make the tower shake or Mario and his friends will fall.

Super Mario Blow Up! Shaky Tower

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza, to play anytime, anyplace. This convenient, take anywhere size game is easy and funny. It's fast paced, LOL fun for any get-together, and is perfect for ages 8 and up! Best of all, it takes only about a minute to learn. 

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

Not It! Game: The Crazy Christmas Edition, for crazy Christmas fun. Three dice tumble down the chimney. Find a card in your hand that doesn't match any of the 3 attributes on the dice. The last person to throw down their card is it! Be the fastest to correctly get rid of your cards to win!

Not It Crazy Christmas Edition

Rubik's Cube, for a new solver. The Rubik's Cube features colored sides. Once the faces are jumbled, you're going to twist, turn, and rotate the Rubik's Cube until each of the faces has only one color. 

Rubik's Cube Classic

Woodland Memory & Matching Game, to test your memory. eeBoo's Woodland Memory & Matching Game will delight children, while they practice their memory and focus.

Woodland Memory and Matching

Dog Crimes, for an all-new mystery to solve. Each of the 40 challenge cards presents a canine crime and a series of clues to help you identify the culprit. The six dog suspects feature distinctive characteristics and traits, and the game board supplies additional supporting evidence to help you solve the crimes. It's the perfect game for dog lovers, and anyone who loves a good mystery!

Dog Crimes

Outfoxed, as an alternative for competitive kids. Mrs. Plumpert's prized pot pie has gone missing, and now it's a chicken Chase to crack the case! In Outfoxed, you move around the board to gather clues, then use the special evidence Scanner to rule out suspects. You have to work together quickly because the guilty fox is high-tailing it towards the exit! Will you halt the hungry hooligan before it flies the coop or will you be Outfoxed?


Sloth in a Hurry, for developing creativity and imagination. Sloth in a Hurry is a fast-moving improv game for 2-4 players ages 5 and up. We especially love how the game is made from 90% recycled materials, and printed with vegetable-based inks!

Sloth in a Hurry improv game

Fruit Punch, for improving counting and math skills. This game features a squishy, banana-shaped squeaker, and is fun for 2-6 kid and grown-up players!

Fruit Punch game

Cat Stax, to stay busy for hours! Each Cat Stax box comes with nearly 50 unique challenges and 12 colorful, multi-sized cat shaped figures. Choose a challenge and arrange your felines on the card so they fit purrfectly within the grid!

Cat Stax

Best Family Friendly Games; read more; www.beyondtheblackboard.com

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