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Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell

April 15, 2021 4 min read

This page was updated on January 11, 2023.

Let's be honest. It's safe to say almost everyone finds space extremely interesting, whether they're 3 years old or 93 years old! The magic and mystery of space is intriguing to everyone, but especially so for kids.

It seems like most children go through a stage of loving space and wanting to be an astronaut. So many of the kids we know became fascinated with space last year. It's no surprise, considering 2022 was a year of milestones when it comes to space exploration

These awesome toys can help your budding space explorer (and maybe you, too) learn about space and life as an astronaut ... from the safety of home.

Lunar Landing Glow Thinking Putty Limited Edition Lunar Landing Glow Thinking Putty
Recommended for Ages 8+

Turn off the lights and ponder the moon as you reveal a celestial blue glow, with this limited edition glow-in-the-dark-putty. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, Lunar Landing Glow Thinking Putty gleams with a holographic, space gray sheen and contains a sprinkling of real moon rock!

Charlie the Astronaut Xtrem Bots - Charlie the Astronaut - Robotics for Kids
Recommended for Ages 5+

Connect to Charlie the Astronaut through the app, via Bluetooth, on your mobile device. From the app, you can guide Charlie through a program, or direct Charlie with its Bluetooth remote control system. Charlie the Astronaut contains the most current technology, allowing your child to experiment with robotics, learn basic STEM concepts, and master their space facts!

My Discovery Telescope My Discovery Telescope
Recommended for Ages 6+

See rabbits, foxes, and other wildlife up close. The My Discovery Telescope is also perfect for pretending to be Ernest Shackleton, crossing the frozen Antarctic continent! With 12x magnification power, it can, of course, also be used for night sky observation, including the moon's surface.

Solar System Floor Puzzle 102 Pieces Solar System Floor Puzzle - 102 Piece
Recommended for Ages 5+

As residents of Earth, we measure our days using the light brought to us by the sun. The glowing LED sun included with this puzzle provides such a fun illustration of this basic astronomical concept! Learn more about our solar system with this amazing, illustrated infographic puzzle featuring solid wood planet pieces. The puzzle kit even includes a poster about the planets in our solar system!

Galaxy Orb Galaxy Orb
Recommended for Ages 5+

Okay, so it's not exactly a space toy, but it is a sensory toy filled with galactic possibilities! Kids can't help but give this ball of globby space a squish, for an oh-so-satisfying squeeze. You might find that you need a Galaxy Orb for yourself (we won't be surprised - they're one of our best-selling toys)! Bonus for our topical allergy friends: Galaxy Orb is a latex free toy.

Paint by Sticker Kids Outer Space Outer Space Paint by Sticker - Activity Book for Kids
Recommended for Ages 5+

Your child will have so much fun stickering a Mars rover, a space shuttle, an astronaut, planets in our solar system like Saturn and Jupiter, and more, in this outer space paint by sticker activity book. The back of every picture includes an awesome scientific fact about each image subject. Some of the stickers even glow in the dark!

DIY Space Immersion Kaleidoscope Space Immersion DIY Kaleidoscope
Recommended for Ages 7+

Your child will follow the instructions in the included guide, then use the many accessories to try different patterns. Use glow in the dark stars, planets, and discs illuminated with spaceships to become totally immersed in the space theme! This is a complete creative kit for making a space themed kaleidoscope

Ooly Outer Space Scratch and Scribble Ooly Outer Space Scratch and Scribble - Kids Art Kit
Recommended for Ages 6+

Just scratch the illustrated guide cards to reveal the astronauts and their out of this world friends, with this scratch and scribble art kit

Ooze Labs 9 Glowing Galaxy Slime Ooze Labs 9: Glowing Galaxy Slime
Recommended for Ages 7+

Stellar review: "This was a really fun experiment, and as a parent I loved that the mess was contained to the tube and a cookie sheet we used as 'backup' for any mess created. The kids loved it!"

Space Playbox Space Playbox
Recommended for Ages 3+

Our space playbox comes complete with a cotton bag! The bag holds wooden astronauts, rockets, aliens, flying saucers, and more. Some of the pieces can even be joined together with magnetic wheels. A fold down lid allows you to land on the surface of the moon, or play inside the box (which is a space station). Hide and seek style windows add an extra special element of play. 

Intergalactic Triple Change Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty Crazy Aaron's Intergalactic Triple Change Thinking Putty
Recommended for Ages 3+

Use the heat of your hands to transform this Thinking Putty from deep-space blue, to UV purple, to brilliant pink. Stretch and pull your way into intergalactic fun, and even create your own galaxies. This fidget stress toy contains vibrant colors that change as you play, and the shimmery flecks shine like distant stars.

Constellation Air Fort Constellation Air Fort
Recommended for Ages 3+

Air Forts are perfect for parties, play dates, sleepovers, and incliment weather days at home. One thing we love about Air Forts is that they're big enough to hold lots of kids! At nearly 7 feet in diameter and over 4 feet tall, Air Forts are spacious, so everyone can fit inside the fort. The (real) constellations even glow in the dark!

Wrap up a few of these space toys for your future astronaut. (Better yet, let us save you some time and wrap the gifts for you, in our signature gift wrap.) Your child will thank you for the early encouragement when they're older! Be sure to check out our other gift guides, including the top 22 toys of 22 (for kids ages 6 and under), and the top 22 toys of 22 (for kids ages 6 and up).

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