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7 Top Toys and Gifts for All Ages For Fall 2022

7 Top Toys and Gifts for All Ages, for Fall 2022 - Hand-Picked by Jacque Killian

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell

September 29, 2022 3 min read

Fall is here. Shorter days and cooler temperatures tell us that it's time to start taking full advantage of our time outdoors, and start thinking about spending more time inside, too. Our owner, Jacque, spent her childhood roaming the outdoors during the warmer months, and we want to encourage this spirit in our younger generations, as well. For both indoors and out, there are so many toys and games that encourage good, old-fashioned play (and might even convince your family to put down their devices). Bodies and minds alike are refreshed by play!

Below you'll find a selection of our owner Jacque's personal picks for Fall 2022 - the best gifts to give to each and every one of your special people.

tie-dye lava lamp with red lava For the Tween Girl: Tie-Dye Lava Lamp

Lava lamps have been a good ol' American icon since the '60s, and they aren't going anywhere. We love the soft light they bring to any space, and the calming effect they have. Plus, the tie-dye design is beautiful!

Warmies Unicorn For the Tender-Hearted Kiddo: Warmies, Paired with a Chime Heart

Warmies are plush, perfect for cuddling with; heat-able for warmth and bedtime comfort; and scented with the calming fragrance of real French lavender. Kids and parents alike find them irresistibly cute, and most of Team BtB own at least one Warmies for themselves! (It’s almost impossible to choose just one, by the way.) Pair with a chime heart, which makes the most beautiful, delicate sound, to remind your child that they are loved. Chime hearts are perfect for pockets, backpacks, and this gift pairing is even wonderful for the kiddo heading off to college.

Grateful Dead series Shashibo For Grandpa: Grateful Dead Shashibo

You may already know that Shashibo are wonderful sensory toys that encourage critical thinking, discovering patterns, and other brain-boosting fun. But what you may not know is that grown-ups love these toys just as much (if not more) than kids. (We often hear that dads and granddads, in particular, can't put them down.) Score major points with Grandpa when you give him a nostalgic Grateful Dead series Shashibo (or two). Don't forget one for yourself or your child, because everyone in the house is going to want to play with a Shashibo!

Jellycat Wrapabat brown Any Jellycat Plush for Any Special Someone

Jellycat are beautiful stuffed animals, made in England. If you've ever touched a Jellycat plush in person, then you know just how super soft they are! Many Jellycat are manufactured in unique, vibrant colors, and you can find almost any animal under the sun in Jellycat form! Some Jellycat friends even come with clothing or other accessories, and Jellycat baby gifts are among our bestsellers, as well: gorgeously soft soothers, comforters, stroller toys, and rattles. Our collection of Jellycat soft toys is constantly changing and growing. Fall in love with a new snuggle buddy or gift one for any age, any occasion!

Turbo Twister RC car For a 3-Year-Old: Turbo Twister RC Stunt Car

Turbo Twister spins and performs stunts and wheelies easily. The oversized tires are super fun, each with 4 color-changing LED lights! Because the tires are durable, the Turbo Twister is awesome for indoor AND outdoor fun! Your older toddler or preschooler will love feeling like a big kid, creating cool stunts with their cars. The possibilities are endless. 

Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Fluffy Encounter Because Jacque Wants It for Herself: LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Fluffy Encounter

This set is delightfully brilliant! Whether you give this set for a birthday, the holidays, or another special occasion, you'll have so much fun building and putting it together. You'll be especially happy with the special edition Hermione mini figure! The build itself will keep you engaged and entertained for hours, and of course it'll be so much fun to play with once complete. It's an incredible gift for Harry Potter-loving fans. This set is perfect for the whole family to enjoy!

Even though the holiday gift shopping rush hasn't quite started, planning and shopping ahead of time sure is a lot less stressful than waiting until the last minute to shop! At Beyond the Blackboard, we're here to help you find the perfect gift. Our play experts can give thoughtful recommendations for everyone in your life - from your axolotl-obsessed bestie to your gaga-for-gadgets nephew ... and everyone in between. Feel free to reach out to our team anytime, for personalized gift recommendations.

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