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The Ultimate Tonies Blog Post; www.beyondtheblackboard.com

The Ultimate Tonies Blog Post - Tonies Figures Late Winter 2023

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell

March 06, 2023 6 min read

This page was last updated on March 6, 2023. Bookmark this blog post and check back regularly for terrific Tonies updates!

At Beyond the Blackboard, we love Tonies boxes, Tonies figurines, and Tonies starter sets for kids. Beyond the Blackboard team members and customers agree that everything about the Toniebox is just amazing. From their imagination-building to their digital listening experience, Tonies' huggable little boxes are super story time companions for little hands - and growing those inventive spirits.

What is a Toniebox? What are Tonies?

In the simplest terms, a Toniebox is a speaker designed especially for kids. Its simple design is a lightly cushioned, water-resistant (though not waterproof!) cube. As we mentioned above, the Toniebox is perfect for tiny hands.

Two "ears" control the volume on your Toniebox. Pinch the bigger ear to play your Tonies louder and pinch the smaller ear to play your Tonies more quietly. Your Toniebox also comes with a rechargeable docking station. When your Toniebox isn't charging, it's completely wireless. A Toniebox is also screen free, and it doesn't have any buttons to speak of!

As for the Tonies, or Tonie characters, think of them like updated CDs. Simply place your Tonie character on top of the Toniebox, and the music, stories, or creative audio content will automatically play. Not to worry, there's an invisible magnet that helps guide your Tonies figure to the correct place!

Your Toniebox has simple controls. Your child can tap the side of the box to skip to the next section of a story or to the next song. When the Tonie character is taken off the box, the content stops playing immediately.

You'll notice that lots of Tonies are familiar characters from books, movies, and shows. Beyond the Blackboard carries Tonie figurines like Cocomelon, a Dragons Love Tacos Tonies character, Curious George, Omar (from the Planet Omar books), Merida (from Disney and Pixar's Brave), and many more!

What are Creative-Tonies?

Creative-Tonies work just like normal Tonie figurines, with one big difference. With Creative-Tonies, you can record up to an hour and a half of your own custom content for the special child in your life. Some Creative-Tonies ideas are favorite books recorded in your voice, recording treasured or funny family memories for the future, or even singing favorite songs (in your own voice, or together).

The Tonies brand has an extensive support and FAQ section on their website, including guides on how to add content onto your Creative-Tonies!

Tonies are an easy, entertaining way for our youngest humans to have control over what they listen to. Bonus: if the adults give the "ok", the hand painted Tonies characters can be played with like any other educational toy from Beyond the Blackboard!

Can You Travel with a Toniebox?

Absolutely! A fully charged Toniebox can play for about 7 hours, and its durable construction makes it an ideal travel companion. Thankfully, Tonieboxes also have headphone jacks. Plus, as long as your Tonies or Creative-Tonies have already been fully downloaded onto the Toniebox, the Toniebox doesn't require WiFi.

What is the Ideal Age Group for Tonies?

Tonies doesn't give a certain age group for their product, but our team recommends Tonies for about ages 18 months to 8 years old. We even know families who play Tonies for their babies who like to have some background noise. (Please note that your Toniebox and Tonies shouldn't be handled solo by children younger than 3 years old.)

Here are a few of our newest favorite Tonies:

European Children's Songs Tonie character European Children's Songs Tonies Character

Featuring traditional children's songs from nearly 2 dozen countries, sung in native languages, this little raccoon takes young ears on a musical tour of Europe. Young globetrotters can sing their way through France, Greece, and Finland, among other countries! This Tonie figurine teaches children about the languages and traditions of a broad range of European countries. 

Mia Tonies character Mia Tonies Character

Mia is a kitten who's also an aspiring ballerina! This wonderful collection of songs and stories is awesome for little kids with big dance dreams. Join Mia as she attends her very first dance class and learns lessons in problem-solving and friendship. Your child will also learn about the power of positivity and being true to themselves!

Curious George Tonies character Curious George Tonies Character

Curious George is a cute monkey who can't help but get into sticky situations. The Man in the Yellow Hat works hard to care for George and is always saving the day when George gets into trouble. This Tonie teaches kiddos about adventure, playful curiosity, and forgiveness.

Worldwide Tales Tonies West African character Worldwide Tales: West African Tales Tonies Character

The fabulous Griot enthralls young listeners with traditional West African folk tales. This delightful Tonies audio experience teaches lessons from the point of view of different animals, including ants, the tortoise, the chameleon, the ram, and the leopard! This Tonie teaches children about promises, greed, and right and wrong.

Here are some current Tonies that are hot sellers!

Planet Omar Accidental Trouble Magnet Tonies character Planet Omar: Accidental Trouble Magnet Tonies Character

Let us introduce you to the imaginative brain of Omar! Omar and his family moved, and Omar is less than enthusiastic about starting at a new school. Luckily, Omar makes a new best friend. Everything is great until a bully turns Omar's new school into a nightmare! This Tonie teaches children about different religions, positivity, and being true to themselves.

Brown Bear and Friends Tonies character Brown Bear & Friends Tonies Character

This classic collection brings together a selection of cherished Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle bear stories in both English and Spanish. This Tonie teaches kiddos about Spanish or English, colors, animals, senses, and sounds!

Disney Lilo Stitch Tonies character Disney's Lilo & Stitch Tonies Character

Lilo & Stitch is perhaps one of Disney's most original stories. An independent little girl named Lilo, and her adopted "puppy", Stitch (who happens to be a runaway genetic experiment from a faraway planet), learn about friendship, loyalty, and 'ohana, the Hawaiian tradition of family. This Tonie includes music from the original motion picture that's sure to have every member of your 'ohana singing!

James Giant Peach Tonies character James & the Giant Peach Tonies Character

James Henry Trotter is horribly lonely until one day, something magical happens. In the depths of the garden, a peach starts to grow and grow and grow! Inside that peach are several unique insects excited to take James on on a peculiar adventure. This Tonie teaches children about dreaming big, friendship, and never giving up! 

Finally, here are some Tonies that are on their way out! Get them before they're gone, as restocks are never guaranteed!

Gabby's Dollhouse Tonies character Gabby's Dollhouse Tonies Character

Gabby brings DJ Catnip a microphone to use in the big show, but DJ Catnip has lost his groove! Gabby and Pandy take DJ Catnip on a musical search through the Dollhouse. Plus, a fairy named Luli-Loo decides to join the adventure! This Tonie teaches kiddos about learning from your mistakes, problem solving, and making friends. 

Bedtime Friends Sleepy Stories Sleepy Bear Tonies Sleepy Friends: Bedtime Stories with Sleepy Bear Tonies Character

Create a new bedtime routine with the help of Sleepy Bear. Listen along to a cozy-atmosphere-inducing, soothing Tonie full of rhymes and repetition. The narrator and music gradually become quieter, helping young listeners fall asleep. This Tonie teaches kids about strengthening family bonds, being true to themselves, and bedtime rituals. 

Tonies Calm Capn Dreambeard Calm X Tonies: Cap'n Dreambeard Tonies Character

Hello, friends! Wait ... that's not it ... ahem ... Ahoy there, mateys! Cap'n Dreambeard is here to bring you some of his best lessons from life on the high seas. Get yer sea legs and learn to breathe like a pirate and weather any, erm, weather. It'll be smooth sailing from there and your child will be ready to cuddle in for the night and drop anchor for a sleepy adventure! This Tonie teaches children about breathwork, mindfulness, and winding down. 

Tonies Cocomelon JJ Cocomelon: Getting Ready with JJ Tonies Character

Have fun with JJ from Cocomelon as he moves through his day, from school all the way to bedtime. This Tonie teaches kiddos about staying healthy, routines, and manners. It also includes 3 original songs, along with classics like "London Bridge is Falling Down"!

Visit our Tonies collection page if you'd like to see more!

Be sure to bookmark this page; we update it regularly with new Tonies characters, lucky last ones, and best sellers. You're sure to find a grand new Tonies adventure at Beyond the Blackboard!

The Ultimate Tonies Blog Post - Bookmark for Tonies Updates

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